Primary & Middle School
This section of the school also called the Junior school trains the budding citizens of tomorrow. The school believes in inculcating values in students at an early age, that they may grow into responsible and caring adults.

This section includes the Playhome and Lower & Upper Kindergarten, for students of age 3 to 5 years.

The Junior School is a dynamic environment in which one can see significant developments in physical, emotional and intellectual growth throughout kindergarten education. These are the 'Foundation Years' during which early linguistic and arithmetic skills which are basics in building childhood competencies are taken care of. This is the time when good habits are instilled and a sense of identity and place takes shape.

Students of Kindergarten develop fine motor skills, develop auditory visual discrimination, hand-eye co-ordination, one-to-one correspondence and logical thinking. Interesting writing activities are given to enhance their observation skills, quantitative analysis and sequencing.
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