News and Events of 2018-2019

A day out to Elim Resort: A visit to Elim Resort was organized for the students of Nursery and Primary. Fun activities such as swimming and rain dance were conducted. It was indeed a fun day for the children to cherish.

A day out to Solace Resort: A visit to Solace Resort was organized for the students of middle and high school. The students had a memorable and fun outing. They thoroughly enjoyed various activities such as swimming and water games.

Excellence in sports:

Nihar P of class IX has been selected by the Karnataka Volley Ball Association for Sub-Junior National Volleyball Championship to be held in Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) to represent Karnataka. The Management, Staff, and Students congratulate and wish him all the best.

Annual Day:

Carmel School celebrated its 51st annual day this year. The program was presided over by the chief guests Mrs. Nagamanni and Mrs. Vasudha who are retiring this year after a long service to our institution. The retiring teachers were felicitated by the students and management. Prizes were distributed for various events during this occasion.

Certificate of excellence:

Asvika of class X and Shwethashree of class IX received a letter of honour and certificate of excellence for submitting their paintings and articles to be displayed in the Times of India NIE newspaper.

B G S Cricket Premier League:

Ishaan Jain of class VI participated in the B G S Cricket Premier League -2019 conducted by the B G S Cricket Academy. He was declared the Man of the Premier League in the U-12 category. He played four matches and scored maximum runs, leading his team to victory in the finals.

Cricket Tournament:

Jem members conducted a cricket tournament on 16th February 2019. Mahi of class VI and her team emerged as winners.

Graduation Day:

On 2 February, 2019, students of class X, batch of 2018-19 assembled with mixed emotions on the occasion of Graduation Day. The student council headed by school prefects Divith Narendra and Mrinal Raj lighted the lamp along with other council members. It was a moment of palpable excitement, elation and expectation as the remarkable journey that began 15 years ago came full circle. This year’s theme was “Every ending has a new beginning.” Principal Mrs. Florence D’souza led the procession of class teachers and graduating students. The Principal in her address wished them all the best and hoped that they too would one day return as a force of inspiration for their younger peers. The Director of Academics, Mrs. Dorothy Menezes, led the students in prayer and blessed them for a bright future.

Save the environment for yourself and posterity, and always be filled with a sense of gratitude- both in words and deeds towards your nation, said the Chief Guest, Dr. J Alexander, former cabinet minister. The computer department presented a slideshow of unforgettable moments that marked the 15 year long odyssey from pre-nursery till now. The melodious choir group added sweet fragrance to the environment. School Administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes congratulated each one of them for their wholesome journey at school and emphasized on the wise use of technology and electronic gadgets. He said that time and health are invaluable and we should be thankful to God for every moment in our lives. The school prefects expressed their gratitude to the teachers and spoke about the moments they cherished with nostalgia. Parent representatives expressed their sincere gratitude to the school management and teachers for the holistic development of their child. The dignitaries awarded the students for their exemplary performance in Academics and extra curricular activities viz, sports, arts, music, dance and oratorical skills. The solemn evening drew to a close with the candle lighting ceremony symbolizing the path of Knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

The Inspiring Carmel Conservationists / Powerful Advocates for Conservation

The Carmel High school Eco club 2018-19 was seen as the driving force behind all the environmental and sustainable activities to empower the students to be cognizant of their actions towards the environment. Students became powerful advocates for the conservation of natural resources and the limiting of waste.

Students of grade 6 – 10 actively took part in the “I Can ” Festival held on 22nd and 23rd December at National Institute of Design , Ahmedabad and Carmel High was named as one of the top 100 inspiring schools for our role in renovating and restoring the restrooms and leaking roofs of a Government School at Hosahalli, Bengaluru.

The Eco club of the school collaborated with the government school and implemented solutions for waste management and sanitation practices. Their collaboration effectively cleared 700 kg of waste from landfills in and around the school. The students were educated on the importance of segregation of wet and dry waste. A special workshop on the usage of sanitary pads to the girls of the government school by Carmelites was an eye opener.

The eco club members monitored the usage of electricity all around the school campus. The school's energy conservation team also made a comprehensive energy audit to determine power consumption and wastage in the school campus. Energy audits typically find lights that are left on in unused classrooms and light bulbs and other appliances that use more energy than they need to. “Energy Saved is Energy Produced” project was introduced to motivate students to reduce their power consumption at home, as well as in school.

They conducted a rigorous campaign and accomplished their mission to save two million liters of water in just 15 days. Push tap optimizers were installed in the rest rooms and the flow rate of water was reduced to 57%. Organic hand wash made of soap-nut was encouraged in the school. The school‘s water and energy saving efforts were acknowledged and appreciated in the e-journal – Solve Ninja Chronicle, January Edition

Carmel school’s commitment to the vision to inspire and activate every citizen to solve small problems that have big impacts will continue. We strongly believe that the attitudes developed will stay with our pupils throughout their lives.

Green Hackathon:

Green Hackathon, supported by the "We Rise Trust", was a city wide event inviting youngsters to share their innovative ideas. Carmel High School participated under the Green School Category and presented an innovative idea ‘Swipe O Use’ (A device to bring behavioral changes in the consumption of water by each individual). Our students Adithya S S of VIII std, Arnav Y of VIII std and Sowparnika of IX std under the guidance of their mentor Mrs. Ramasundari won the title ‘Best Green Hack’. The team won first prize and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 40,000/-.

Taekwondo Championship:

Sushmitha T of class VIII took part in Shimoga Taekwondo Championship 2018-19 in the cadet category and won silver in kyurogi and bronze in poomsae.

Dhanush S of grade VI took part in Shimoga Taekwondo Championship 2018-19 sub junior category and won gold in kyurogi.

Karnataka Educational Awards 2018:

The evaluation board of Karnataka awarded Dr. (Mrs.) Florence D’Souza the “Best Principal for ICSE School” for her excellent service towards education at Bharitiya Vidya Bhavan Bangalore.

Kindergarten Activities

Our Helpers:

Xseed activity was carried out on the theme of community helpers. We are grateful to all the doctors, postmen, fire-fighters, and gardeners who accepted our invitation and shared their professional experience with our students. Children were educated on their responsibilities and duties towards the society and the need to ‘give back’. They were also made aware of using emergency facilities.

Garden Visit:

The children were taken to a garden to learn more about it. They were shown the various insects that live in gardens, different kinds of flowers, leaves, plants, and the implements used by the gardener to maintain a garden. They learnt the importance of keeping a garden clean and the need to maintain a garden by not plucking flowers/leaves.

Homes of animals:

The children were shown models of various homes of animals such as a cattle shed, stable, kennel etc. They had a fun time learning about the kind of homes that animals live in and also learnt about the needs of different domesticated animals.

Doll House:

Toys play an important role in every child’s life. They enjoyed making furniture such as a dressing table, kitchen cabinet, bed, wardrobe, and dining table. Later they arranged all the furniture that they made in the doll house. In this activity the children learnt about the various things that are present in a house.

Connecting with nature:

Our children experienced the process involved in the growth of a plant from a seed. They were given seeds to sow and were made to observe the sprouting of leaves and flowers. They observed how a seed slowly turns into a new plant.

Visit to grocery store/ pretend play:

The children were taught the value of money-management through a pretend play at a grocery store.

Awards for dance and colouring:

Lavika M of nursery participated in Krishna colouring competition at Iskcon and received a medal for the same. She also performed a dance at Infinity Dance Studio and received a shield.

Sharing and Caring:

An activity of sharing their food with their friends, help them to give and take.

Students’ Achievements

Harshit.B.N of II ‘D’ participated in below mentioned competitions and won many prizes

Date Prize Event Conducted by
10/2/2019 1st Drawing Sarbojanin Durgapujasamite
9/2/2019 1st Colouring Iskcon Gita fest
26/1/2019 1st Drawing Human right empowerment council of India
19/01/2019 1st Drawing Organic and Millets
16/12/2018 1st Drawing Kidothan (adventure for wild welfare)
9/12/2018 1st Drawing Rangotri Rangashala
7/12/2018 3rd Drawing Karanataka state council for child welfare
18/11/2018 1st Drawing Suchitra cinema academy
17/11/2018 1st Drawing Vasavyuvajanasangha
11/11/2018 2nd Drawing Art Beat
4/11/2018 1st Drawing Lalitha visual Art
21/8/2018 1st Drawing Karuna Animal welfare of karnataka
15/8/2018 2nd Drawing Bala Bhavan

Painting Competition:

Tanmay Jain of II D won 2nd place in painting competition conducted by Shrusti Art foundation.

Prerana V of II D participated in below mentioned competitions and won many prizes.

Prize list

No Event Name Prize Organised by Event
1 Colorothon 2019 First Breathe Entertainment Drawing
2 Gita fest 2019 First ISKCON Drawing
3 Gita GnyaanaYagnya 2019 First SandipaniGurukula Bhagawad Gita Chanting
4 Happy Hearts -2018 First Decathlon Drawing
5 Rangothri-2018 First Rangothri Fancy Dress
6 Vibha Festival-2018 First Vibha Schools Hand Writing
7 Bala Utsav-2018 First Art of Living Drawing
8 Bala Utsav-2018 First Art of Living Elocution
9 Lalithakalacenter for Visual Arts-2018 First JSE educational Institutions Drawing
10 Lakshyas Launch Pad-2018 First Lakshyas Launchpad Handwriting-Kannada
11 Kalakuncha -2018 First samskruthikaseva trust Drawing
12 Heritage Fest-2018 First ISKCON Drawing
13 Kalamahotsava-2018 First swanandashrama Painting
14 Chaithanya Arts -2018 First Chaithanya Arts Academy Bhagawad Gita Chanting
15 Chaithanya Arts -2018 First Chaithanya Arts Academy Fancy Dress
16 Namakha Store-2018 First Namakh cafe and store Drawing
17 Dance Feet-2019 Second Hello Kids and NityaNrutya Dance school Drawing
18 Bala Utsav-2018 Second Art of Living Bhagawad Gita Chanting
19 SaakarAakar Fine Arts-2018 Second SaakarAakar Fine Arts Drawing
20 Lakshyas Launch Pad-2018 Second Lakshyas Launchpad Handwriting-English
21 Lakshyas Launch Pad-2018 Second Lakshyas Launchpad Handwriting-Hindi
22 Fun Mania Hobby classes-2018 Second Flea market Fashion show
23 Fun Mania Hobby classes-2018 Second Flea market Drawing
24 Keshava Productions-2018 Second Keshava Productions Drawing
25 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Second Chaithanya Arts Academy Mono Acting
26 Vibha Festival-2018 Third Vibha Schools Drawing
27 Vibha Festival-2018 Third Vibha Schools Hand Writing
28 Tindi Mela-2018 Third NammuraTindi Drawing
29 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Third Chaithanya Arts Academy Keyboard
30 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Third Chaithanya Arts Academy Shastriya Sangeetha
31 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Third Chaithanya Arts Academy Film song
32 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Third Chaithanya Arts Academy Bhaktigeete
33 Chaithanya Arts -2018 Award Chaithanya Arts Academy Multifaceted
34 Kalakuncha -2018 consolation Samskruthikaseva trust Drawing

Drawing Competition:

Bhavika M of II Awon 1st prize in Heritage Fest,1st prize in drawing competition conducted by Samrudhi education trust, and 2nd place in Lalithakala Center for visual.

Running Race:

Neha of II A won a Gold medal and trophy in running race, 1st place in frog race, 1st prize and hitting the wicket, and 3rd prize conducted by Citizen’s cultural Association, Rajajinagar

Badminton championship:

Aanya Bharath of III D won Badminton Championship conducted by V3 badminton academy in West Bangalore in the age group 7-17 years at Dr. Raj indoor courts.

Abacus competition:

Dheraj Reddy won Gold medal for completing 7th level in abacus conducted by the School Kat academy. Lekhan won 1st place in Abacus competition conducted by Brain O Brain.

Aakarsh won a medal for completing the Thump marathon conducted in Bangalore.

Karnataka state roller skating championship:

Anvika S of class III won Gold medal in 33rd Karnataka state roller skating championship, 2018. She also won a Gold medal and was selected for Hockey national level selection training.

She represented Karnataka in sub junior girls category in the 55th National Roller sports championship. Hockey Roller championship held at Kurukshetra, Haryana from 18th to 23rd January, 2018.

Swaponil of class V won 2nd prize in fair play instrument Mudaliar Seva Sangam table tennis (MSSTTA)

Kanishka of II A won the Gold medal in the 93rd Karanataka State Level Regional Abacus competition conducted by Brain O Brain and Abacus Champion in the 37th National Abacus Competition held in Chennai.

Shritan of II A won 1st place in interclub roller skating competition conducted by Hampinagar sports club, Basaweshwaranagar, and consolation prize in drawing competition conducted by Hampi skill Academy. His drawing was published in the Kannada daily, Prajawani.

Akshay S won the Abacus Championship conducted by Brain O Brain.

Skating Competition:

Janavi of class IV won a Gold medal in skating competition conducted by Vibgyor High School, Yelanka.

Likith Gowda of IV A won 3rd place in skating competition organized by Vibgyor High School, Yelahanka, and 2nd place in Skating competition conducted by Green field school.

Painting and Skating Competition:

Breejesh of class V won a Silver medal in Skating competition conducted by the South Asia Central Academy.

Prize winners of painting competition held at Makkala Kuta conducted by the Karanataka State council for Welfare are Sneha S Rao of class VI won 3rd prize, Harshith. B N won 3rd prize, M Bhavika of class II won 2nd prize, Indraja of class III won 1st consolation prize, Balakrishna R and Ankita N Raj of class III won 2nd consolation prize.

Skating Competition:

Prize winners of the Kempegowda skating club Interschool competition held in Jakkur organized by Green Field public school are Disthita of I D won 1st prize, Likith of IV A won 2nd prize, Mohit S of I C and Nishanth of III A won 3rd prize

Volleyball Tournament:

Love India U-16 Volleyball tournament was organized by Sardar Patel High School, Rajajinagar. Carmel High School emerged as the runners up in the event. Nihar was recognized and awarded as the best attacker.

Carmel P U College awarded Mrinal Raj and Aditya Murlidhar as all rounders, and Jaishree and Abhishek Raj as best sports players.

Fevicryl Craft Contest:

Sai Prajwal of class IV Pravalika of class III and Pradarshan of class V received certificate of appreciation and a gift hamper for best work in Fevi -Create Craft contest.

Fevi Create A+ Crafter contest competition was conducted on 12th December 2018 Poojth Purvankar, Orail Iqra Bala of class IV, Sri krishna M S, Ambica V M ,Anisha Rajeev of class V, Shambhavi Choudhary of class VI, Yuktha Lasya Desu and Rekha H R of class VII were awarded medals and certificates for their craft work.

Deccan Herald Inter School Dance Competition:

Deccan herald conducted Inter School dance competition. Our students Manvi M D and Tejaswini of class X, Nehal Lilha, Sanchana of class IX, Prerana and Roshni of classVIII secured III place in the event.

Council National Sports and Games:

Council for the Indian School, New Delhi, conducted ‘Council National Sports and Games’ at Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. Nandini of class VII participated in High Jump under Sub – Junior Girls’ category and secured second place.

KISA (Karnataka ICSE School Association) Swimming Competition:

Bhavana R of class X participated in swimming competition conducted by KISA (Karnataka ICSE School Association) and secured fourth place in 50 m backstroke, and 50 m breaststroke at the State Level. She also took part in State Level sub-junior and junior aquatic championship held at Mysore and secured bronze medal in 100m free style. The Management and staff congratulate Bhavana on her achievements and wish her success in all future endeavours.

Praeetha of class I secured second place in 50 m breaststroke swimming competition conducted by Pooja Aquatic Centre.

Yoga Competition:

Mrs. Nethravathy Yoga instructor participated in Mysore Dasara Yoga competition 2018 and secured third place in 35-45 Yrs Women’s category.

Skating Compition

Amith J and Amogh B Hubbali participated in Vibgyor Viva Skating Competition conducted by Vibgyorgroup of schools. Amith J won 1st place and Amogh B Hubbali won III place in Tenacity U-16 conducted on 13th February 2019.

Yoga competition

Madhumitha K of VII std. participated in V S M World record Surya NamaskaraYagna on the occasion of VISHWA SAMSKRUTHIKA SAMBRAMA 2019. The management and staff congratulate her on successfully participating and receiving a certificate for the same.

TAFIT 2019

In the state level competition for Teachers Award for Innovative Teaching TAFIT 2019 organised by Times Foundation and Christ University, Mrs.Bhargavi V L secured a place for innovative teaching in Mathematics at the higher secondary level. She was awarded with a certificate and cash prize of Rs. 5,000.

Carmel School Recognized as one of the top 5 schools

Carmel High School and P U College has been recognized as one of the Top 5 schools and P U Colleges in Karnataka by Global Triumph foundation.

Chief Minister’s Commendation Award

Mrs. Roopashree K of I Karnataka girls unit has been awarded and presented with the Chief Minister’s Commendation by Brigadier DM Poorvi Math vsm**, Deputy Director General of Karnataka and Goa directorate of NCC on 2nd January 2019 at Chopra Auditorium ASC Centre and Pioneer Centre, Viveknagar, Bangalore.

Inter School Volley ball Tournament

Vidya Bharathi English School conducted Inter School Volley ball competition for U-16 and U-14 category. Our school secured second place in both the events.

The team members are:

U-14 Team members are U-16 Team members are
Gokul L Nihar P
Lohit R Gowda Darren D’Souza
Akarsh Mohit B
MithunKrish Arihanth K
Hanish Lohith S
RohanSebastien AkarshGururaju
Gokul G Partha V Albal
NischitRaghav JiteshSuvarna
ArpitBaid Bharath B
Vinith Arvind S
KruthikNandan Akash S
AdityaKulkarni Ritikesh

Student Achievements in Cricket

Nakshathra K S of Grade VI took part in cricket tournament conducted on 27th January 2019 by Ryan Cricket Academy.

Republic Day celebrations at Carmel High School, Basaveshwaranagar

The 70th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur.The national flag was unfurled by the chief guest which was followed by the National Anthem. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity, and uniqueness of their motherland India.

The Guest of Honour, Director of Academics-Mrs.DorothyMenezesspoke eloquently about our diverse nation and the relevance of the Constitution and the Preamble. Academic Coordinator Mrs.LakshmiBhat highlighted the importance of the day and emphasized on being responsible citizens of the country and their pivotal role in saving the environment

The choir presented the patriotic song “Bharat da jaana , Bharat ne maana”. The whole school joined the choir and the song reverberated in the surroundings. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancerson the patriotic song VandeMataramwerespellbinding.The skit highlighting the constitutional rights and duties, placards, students dressed as lotus,peacock, mango, tiger and banyan tree were the major attractions of the day.

Student’sAchievement in Yoga

25th International Yoga Festival was conducted by the Department Of Tourism, Government of Puducherry, from 4th to 7th January 2019 inPuducherry. Roshini G of class VIII participated in the Yogasana Talent show and won the ‘Excellent’ award in the age group of 10- 15 years.

Teacher Awarded as Yoga Champ

BrahmashreeNarayana Guru Yoga Mandira Trust in collaboration with Ministry for Disabilities and Senior Citizens Empowerment Department organized International Level Open Yogasana Championship 2019. The yoga instructor Ms.Netravathyof our school bagged the first prize in the age group of 31-42 years. She was appreciated for her perfection in the asanas, and her flexibility. The ease with which she preformed amazed the judges and the audience. Ms.Netravathy is a world record holder and has entered the Guinness book of world records. Kudos to her dedication, commitment,and yoga prowess

Inter School Dance and Singing Competition

Talent Spectrum conducted an inter School Solo Dance and Solo singing competition on 5th January 2019.Our school bagged the maximum number of prizes among 85 schools which participated in the event. Karuna S Poojary emerged as the winner in solo dance (Indian Style). She also received a special prize for being the most promising artist in the event.Smitha V emerged as the winner in solo singing (western style). YashasKiran and Aniket were the runners up in solo singing (western style). Carmel High School was also recognized and awarded as the most Hospitable School.

South Zone Inter School Volleyball Championship

Carmelites took part in South Zone Inter School Volleyball championship U- 17 boys’ category held at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium,Uppalam, Puducherry on 6th and 7th December 2018 and emerged as the winners.

The proud Carmelites are Mohith B, Darren D’Souza, Nihar and Arihanthof IX Grade. The Management, Staff and Students congratulate and wish them all the best.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated in the school in the true spirit of Holiness and Godliness. The teachers put forth an excellent show depicting the miracles of Jesus. The school choir rendered melodious Christmas Carols. The appearance of Santa clause among the audience enhanced the festive spirits in all.

Singing Competition

Baldwin’s School conducted Christmas Carol singing competition in which our school bagged the second place.

Carmel School received the consolation prize in the event White Christmas conducted by Bishop Cottons Girls’ School.

Times of India School Super League

Times of India conducted School Super League in which 6 students from grade 4 to 9 were awarded with school bags for being toppers in their respective grades. 2 of them were selected for round 2 at the zonal level and were rewarded with a computer tablet. The students are:

Name School Name
Puneeth V Carmel High School
Adithya S S Carmel High School


‘Educational Initiatives’ had conducted ‘Asset Exam’in the month of August 2018 in which 22 students qualified for the Asset Talent Search Exam. The Asset Talent search Examwas conducted on 9th December 2018 in which our students won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. and Participation certificates.

Pranith Ranka, Pranav, Amog ,Ajay Narshimha, Rahul Aditaya V and Vikram of class V participated in Asset exam and won a scholar certificate. GanganYogesh of class V was among the top 200.

Sl No Name Grade Award
1 Thomas George VI D Silver
2 Prithanka M VI D Bronze
3 Suhas VII A Bronze
4 Harshil Kundety VIII Bronze
5 Amogh R B Grade 5 -
6 Pranav M Grade 5
7 GaganYogesh Grade 5 -
8 Ajay Narasimha N Grade 5 -
9 Viram P Hegde Grade 5 -
10 Preet S Ranka Grade 5 -
11 Harika D Choudhary Grade 5 -
12 Shashvath Grade 5 -
13 ShivaniPati Grade 6 -
14 Dheeraj K Grade 6 -
15 Gagan R Gowda Grade 6 -
16 Keerthana N Grade 6 -
17 Prithanka M Grade 6 -
18 YashMaloo Grade 6 -
19 Nikhil M Chandra Grade 7 -
20 Manish M Dharani Grade 7 -
21 Vishwaradhya S Aiholli Grade 7 -
22 Shreyas S Rao Grade 7 -
23 Sahana N Shetty Grade 7 -
24 Prapthi G Grade 8 -
25 Harsha P Diwakar Grade 8 -
26 Dhruva S Surya Grade 8 -

Teacher’s Achievement

Nandini.P.Rannavare was awarded as‘ADVOCATE’ by Mindspark Teacher Forum for sharing developed new ideas and suggestions, strategies about Mathematics.

Lakshmi Priya R trained as a master trainer by the CISCE council in Delhi has conducted training for 75 Math teachers across Karnataka and was appreciated for her presentation

Sparkie Champs of the Year 2018 -2019

Students who are declared as the Sparkie Champs for sparkling performance in Mind spark at National Level Champions.

Utsaahshetty .N class 3 A (9th to 15th July 2018 )
Gayathri.N class 5 D (2nd to 8th July 2018)
( 9th to 15th July 2018)
(16th to 22nd July2018)
Prathyushaa R class 1C (9th – 15th July 2018).
(5th to 11th November 2018 )
Medha class 1B (23rd to 29th July 2018)
Aarush R class 1A (20th - 26th August 2018)
Sachin class 5 C (31th December - 6th January 2019)
Samarth A class 1 B (7th - 13th January 2019)
(4th to 10th February 2019)

Charan Sparsh Event at Carmel

On Saturday, Dec 1st 2018, Carmel High School organized a one of its kind Values based Event – CharanSparsh where students reflected, realized and expressed their respect and love to their parents. Both parent and child developed a deep sense of emotional bond through a guided conversation.

The program was organized by Val-Ed initiatives and was presided overby the Chief Guest Sarah Mishra, Chief learning Officer of Hippocampus, Administrator Mr.Roshan Menezes, Director of Academics, Mrs. Dorothy Menezes the Principal Dr. Mrs. Florence D’Souza.

Nursery Sports day

Carmel Nursery School conducted its annual sports day on 15th November 2018 with great pomp and show with colourful events. The Chief Guest for the day was Mr. Kim Nobel, Principal of Tunbridge School.

The programme began with an inaugural dance by our KG I and KG II students followed by a parade of march-past by the KG II students. The march-past was led by a Mascot Teddy Bear followed by School Girl Charitha and School Boy Pushpak. A wonderful display was put up by leap start with KG I and KG II students.

Children’s Day

It was a joyous day in Carmel High on November 24th which is celebrated as Children’s Day. The day began with welcoming the chief guest, our student council, and theDirector of Academics-Mrs. Dorothy Menezes. Mrs. Dorothy Menezes addressed the students on the occasion which was followed by a floral tribute to Pandit Nehru in whose remembrance and memory we celebrate children’s day.

This was followed by a series of performances by the teachers which included a dance performance, a humorous mime act on men and selfies, and an icebreaking session with riddles which made the students laugh whole heartedly. This was followed by presentation of awards for the students emerging victorious in various competitions.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations

The theme for Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations on November 1stwas ‘Save Cauvery’. Chief Guest Sandalwood actor Mr.Chandru Gowda spoke about the beauty and simplicity of Kannada language and emphasized that each one should learn the language. The tiny tots enthralled the audience by dancing to the tunes of Kannada songs. The dance depicting the traditional attire of different parts of the state highlighting the rich culture and heritage and significance of river Cauvery mesmerized the audience. Students enacted a historical play on ‘MayuraVarma’ depicting the valour of the kings. Competitions such as essay writing, debate, solo singing, and quiz were conducted and the prizes were distributed to the winners by the Chief Guest. The school administrator, Roshan Menezes, addressed the audience in Kannada. He said that Kannada is a language which unites us as one and brings about a sense of brotherhood, love.One of the attractions of the program was the anchoring by the tiny tots.

Alexander Memorial Volleyball and Throw ball Tournament

"Champions aren't made in the gym - Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision" - Cassuys Clay. Our Institution gives importance to sports & athletics. It has a direct relevance to the reality of life for which we nurture our students. In the words of our founder, Late Mr. Alexander Menezes “Devotion to duty is not a sacrifice, it is a justification to your existence in this world”. It was his driving enthusiasm that propelled our management to organize a Volley Ball tournament annually in his loving memory. The 18th Edition of Alexander Memorial Volleyball and 2nd edition of Throw ball Tournament was hosted on October 30th &31st 2018 which was inaugurated by our Director of Academics Mrs. Dorothy Menezes. The other dignitaries present were the administrator- Mr. Roshan Menezes, and the principal-Dr. Florence D’Souza. 24 Teams for Volley ball and 22 teams for Throw ball participated in the event. The matches were exciting and witnessed some of the best passes, attacks and serves. Vidya Bharathi English School won the Championship Trophy.Carmel High School emerged as the runners up. KV English School and VV Sardar Patel School won the third and fourth places respectively. Darren D’Souza of Carmel High School was acknowledged ast he best passer.

The throw ball event champions were from Carmel High school. Samved School came a close second. Cadambi and Florence High School stood in the third and fourth places respectively. Madhumitha of Carmel High School was awarded the ‘Best Player Award’.

The Chief Guest for the valedictorywas Miss. Aishwaryawho is a National Level Throw ball player. The members of the school management gave away the prizes.

Student Achievement

State level Sports and Games Competition

Chirag M of class VIII took partin Skating Inline 1000m, Inline 500m, and 1 lap race event in State Level Sports and Games Competition U -17 category on 12th October 2018 in Jayanagar. He secured Gold in Inline 500m and 1 lap race and won Silver in Inline 1000m.

Interschool Aquatic Championship

Jitesh Suvarna K of class IX took part in Treamis Interschool Aquatic championship and won second place inU -16 category 50-m butterfly,second place in 12 -16 category4 x 50 m freestyle relay,second place in12 -18 category 4 x 50m medley relayevents held at Treamis World School on October 2018.

Abhirath Darshan M of class IX had participated in the swimming competitions conducted by Tremis World School and secured gold in 50mts freestyle, 50mts backstroke, 100 m Individual medley and silver in freestyle and medley relay. He also won the Individual Championship. He has been selected to participate at the state level swimming competitions.

Sujesh Suvarna K of class IV had participated in the swimming competitions conducted by Tremis World School and secured silver in 25mts backstroke, 4 X 50mts medley, and freestyle relay.

1. Rishi T. J of V B

1. Rishi T. J of V ‘B’ participated in 500m inline skating event in the11th state level school Olympics on 29-10-12 andwon a gold medal. He also won a gold medal in interschool 500m quad skating on 10-10-12

Foot Ball

A friendly match between Carmel High School and Coorg Club boys was organized in U-19 category. Carmel High School boys were runners up with 1-3 goals.

State Level Cricket

KSCA organized state level Cricket for U-14 category and our studentUjwal scored 146 runs (not out), SaiKiran scored 70 runs and Bharat took 9 wickets. Ujwal and SaiKiran were selected for state level in U-14 Category.


Carmel High School won 3 matches in the KSCA U-16 cup and qualified for quarterfinals.Our students then went on to win against Swami Vivekananda and Bethany School to qualify for the semifinal with a good margin. In the semifinalsAbhishek R scored 153 runs (not out) against MallyaAdithya School. Carmel High School secured 17th position in Karnataka U-16 Category. Abhishek R is Adjudged as the BEST BOWLER in B T Ramaiah Shield U-14 Interschool Tournament II Division for the Season 2017-18.

District Level Athletic Meet

Chirag B A of class IX participated in the district level athletics conducted by the Department of Public Instructions on 26th October 2018 and won silver in the 100m running race in under-17 category. He has been selected for state level athletics.

ICSE National Level Throw Ball

It is a proud moment for Carmel High School as our students represented Karnataka in the ICSE national level throw ball championship held in Ludhiana, Punjab, on 13th October 2018 in the under-19 girls’ category and won the championship. They won all five matches across the country and emerged champions. To acknowledge their achievement the school has awarded a cash prize of Rs.10,000 to each player.

The names of the proud Carmelites are:

1. Nisarga S
2. Madhumitha S
3. Jaishree G A
4. Sanjana Naveen
5. Sarika S
6. Shreya C

51st Annual Athletic Meet

The grounds at Carmel High School, Basaveshwaranagar, was filled with voices of excitement and eagerness to witness the 51st Annual Athletic meet on 5th and 6th October,2018.The spirit of sportsmanship and an urge to excel was evident on the grounds as the students participated in a plethora of sporting events. The chief guest, Mr.Shantanu Das- President of Karnataka ICSE schools Association and Principal of Sarala Birla Academy inaugurated the Athletic meet. In his speech he emphasised the role of sports in students’ life. He stressed on the fact that essential life skills such as managing stress, ability to handle loss effectively, team work etc., are inculcated in a student by taking an active part in sports. He also noted that these are essential qualities to assimilate for the working environment, as well.

The chief guest, along with the Mr.RoshanMenezes- the administrator of Carmel Education Society, Mrs.SandhyaMenezes-vice president of Carmel Education Society, Mrs.DorothyMenezes-Director of Academics, and the Principal received salute during the students’ march past which was accompanied by the rhythm of the school marching band.

The oath was administered by the Sports captain Tarun .D.K. after which the students put forth a wide range of colourful and reverberant displays such as yoga, balancing the stick,Zumba dance, gymnastics, Hoopla and band, which involved mass student participation. Every student was filled with energy and enthusiasm whileshowcasing the perfectly synchronized act.

The running races were an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their talents in front of a large crowd. The participants were encouraged by the cheering shouts of the exited students who were all rooting for participants from their respective ‘houses’.

The valedictory programme was accompanied by the distribution of prizes to winners and overall champions. The Ruby House bagged the overall championship and the Topaz House won the Best March Past trophy. Ms. Usha Rani, an international level Kabaddi Player, was the chief guest for the valedictory programme. In her speech too she stressed on the importance of sports in students’ life.

Taluk Level Athletic Meet

Chirag B.A of class IX won gold in the 100 m and 200 m running race in under -17 category at the taluk level athletics conducted on15th September 2018 by Department of Public Instructions. He has been selected for District level Athletics.

Teachers Day 2018

Teachers Day was celebrated with great zeal and zest on 5th September. There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere which was quite contagious. The Administrator Mr.RoshanMenezes addressing the entire school lauded the entire staff for their exemplary contribution to the school’s phenomenal success. The School Head Boy DivithNarendra began with the quote “Teaching is the greatest act of optimism, and this is displayed every single day by the teachers of Carmel High. With the note of gratitude, the students presented the programme Teachers Bonanza 2018. Students were all geared up with a lot of vigour and vibrancy for the day. Scintillating dance performances, skit on classroom situations, tongue twisters, stand up comedy, Ramp walk by teachers, all made the day exuberant and memorable for the teachers. Director of Academics Mrs.DorothyMenezes stressed upon the significance of Guru in one’s life, in her address.

The Principal,Dr.Mrs.FlorenceD’souza appreciated the sincerest efforts of the teachers in playinga catalytic role in the holistic development of every student. Addressing the teachers on the occasion, Mrs.SandhyaMenezes, Vice President Carmel Education Society, said that the teachers are the harbingers of positive change in the society. The school management acknowledged and honoured the teachers who had completed 10, 15 and 20 years of dedicated and committed service to the institution.

Carmel Teachers honoured with Teaching Excellence Awards 2018

Ms.Sarala Jain , H.O.D. of Hindi and Ms.Kalyani N , H.O.D. of Chemistry were conferred the Teaching Excellence Awards 2018 by S.Chand Group and the Progressive Teacher magazine in New Delhi by MikkoLeppanen, Principal, Viherlaakso School , Espo City , Finland, Himanshu Gupta- Director, S. Chand Publications and Ms.Rita Wilson –Chief Editor .

Ms.Sarala Jain was awarded as the Star Innovator in Hindi at the secondary level. Her innovative teaching strategies encouraging and fostering skills of collaborative learning were much appreciated. According to her, innovation ignites the passion for learning, gives freedom of expression and enables the students to understand and analyze the content better.

Ms.Kalyani was awarded for adopting innovative teaching strategies in Science at the secondary level. She was recognized for integrating technology in classroom and extensive use of laboratory.

Integration of technology and activity based active learning in classroom kindles curiosity among students. The teachers were acknowledged for their practical approach in classroom and making a paradigm shift in teaching strategies and optimizing learning. Kudos to these mentors as their mantra is- to teach is to learn, unlearn and relearn.

CISCE Throw Ball Tournament

Carmel High School ,Basaveshwaranagar hosted the Throw Ball Tournament on behalf of CISCE Karnataka Chapter, on 30th and 31st August 2018 that commenced with a formal inauguration by the overall in charge Mr. Kevin Pope, the Principal of Frank Antony’s Public School and the School Administrator Mr. RoshanMenezes.

Total number of teams participated were 43 of Junior Category and 6 of Senior Category. St. Francis Xavier’s and Carmel High School emerged as winners in the junior and senior category respectively. Runners up trophy was bagged by Presidency School , R.T. Nagar and Nandini Layout at the junior and senior level. The girls played fantastically well in the pulsating matches and a great team performance was showcased with enthusiasm and exuberance, demonstrating their skills. Kudos to all the participants for truly living upto the spirit of sportsmanship. The winners will participate at the national level in Ludhiana, Punjab. The tournament was conducted by the Throw Ball Federation of India.

For the valedictory, International Throw Ball player Miss Joyce J was invited as the Chief Guest to witness the finals of Senior and Junior Category along with Mr. Kevin Pope and awards were distributed to the winner and runner-up teams by the Chief Guest.

Student Achievements

Deccan Herald Inter School Quiz

Deccan herald conducted Inter School Quiz competition on 30th August 2018. KrithikNandan of VII D and Hanish S Adhi of VII A secured II place.

Council’s National Sports and Games 2018

Carmelites took part in Council’s National Sports and Games 2018 and secured second position in artistic yoga competition under 17 girls’ category at the regional level held at Deccan International School on 23rd August 2018. The participants’ were Sanaja N, Sanchana and NamithaBhat of grade IX Sushmitha, Roshni G, Pranathi and Bhoomika of VIII grade.

Roshini G of class VIII won first place in the state level Artistic Yoga competition andhas been selected to participate at the National levelconducted by Council School Sports & Games 2018, to be held in October.

Painting competition

Harsith B N of II D participated in painting competition conducted by Karuna Animal Welfare Association on 21st August 2018 and secured I prize and the rolling trophy is awarded to Carmel High School.

Skating & Swimming Championship

Bangalore Open District Roller Skating Championship was conducted on 19th August 2018. Sohan of class VI A won a gold medal in skating and two gold medals in swimming competition.

AnjanaAnand of II C participatedin skating competition conducted by Bangalore District Roller Skating Association and won bronze medal.

Pratish of IV B secured second position in 50 m breast stroke swimming competition conducted by Pooja Aquatic Centre.

72nd Independence Day Celebration

With unprecedented fervour and heart filled with the sense of national integrity and patriotism; Carmel High School witnessed the celebration of the 72nd Independence Day proudly.Celebration began with prayer and a warm welcome by the Head Boy DivithNarendra. Mrs. Dorothy Menezes graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and unfurled the tricolour. The students and NCC had a marched parade that concluded with the grand salute. The event was hosted by the Head Girl Mrinal Raj and the literary leader Shruthi. The audience were mesmerized by the melodious performance by the choir that sang patriotic songs in both Hindi and Kannada. AdityaSeshan enlightened the students about the importance of freedom. A skit on the famous slogan by NetajiSubash Chandra Bose – “Tum mujhekhoondo, main tumheazaadidoonga”, was enacted by the students of grade IX and X. Dance performance by the students on songs such as, DeshRangeela and Jai Hoenchanted the audience. Artistic yoga with rhythmic postures was an eye-catcher. The chief guest in her speech addressed the importance of loyalty towards the nation, duties and responsibilities of an ideal citizen and laid down the importance of the day.Discipline leaderAdityaMuralidhar concluded the event with the vote of thanks.

Leap Start Badminton Tournament

Pranav of VII D participated in Leap Start Badminton Tournament securing gold medal in Boys singles U - 13 category, and silver in U - 15 category conducted on 12th August 2018.

SanmithPrabhuof VII D participated in Leap Start Badminton Tournament and secured silver medal in Boys singles U - 13 category.

Stuti Mahesh of VIII C participated in Leap Start Badminton Tournament and secured bronze medal U - 15 girls’ category conduted on 11th August 2018.

SanjanaYatish of X grade participated in New Horizon Cup – 2018 and secured bronze Prize conducted by New Horizon Gurukul on 9th August 2018.

KISA (Karnataka ICSE Schools Association) UTSAV 2018

Carmelites took part in the KISA Literary and Cultural competitions held at Christ Academy, Bangalore on 4th August 2018. Our students secured I position in group dance (folk) and SakshiBothra of Class X D won the I Prize in Sodukuqualifing for national level competition which will be conducted in the month of October 2018.

Food Fest

The 26th of July 2018 set out to be a fantastic day through a food fest organized by our X Std students, divided into teams, each representing an Indian state. The enthusiastic participation indeed did tickle our taste buds, along with proudly underlining our rich cultural diversity through the costumes and delicacies of each state. It also brought out the entrepreneurship skills of our students, with the event being a huge success through the grand spread of dishes and students patronizing in large numbers, the proceeds of which goes to charity donations making it worth the efforts, living up to the joy of giving.

N C C Enrolment Programme

N C C Enrolment Programme was conducted on 24th July 2018, the dignitaries were Lt. Col. Lalith Kumar Joshi commanding officer 1. KAR.GIRLS BN NCC Bangalore, Mrs. Ashalatha Principal, Krishna International Public School. Mrs. Dorothy Menezes Director of Academics, Mr. RoshanMenezes Administrator, Mrs.SandyaMenezes Principal, Carmel P U College Dr.(Mrs) Florence D’Souza Principal. The chief guest addressed the gathering and highlighted about the importance of NCC.

The girls’ squad was selected by GCI’ Pushpanjali, GCI Vanitha and GCI Anthony SelvinSubedarPurja.

Indian Beauty Peagant Contest

Roshini V L of class VIII D took part in Indian beauty pageant contest conducted by Film Institute Trust and securing the “RISING STAR 2018” title being awarded with a medal and certificate.

Rani Padmavathi A Dance Drama Show

A dance theatre school by Dr.Poornima assisted by Dilip and Mithun portrayed Rani Padmavathi at Carmel High School on 21st July 2018. It was an awesome mesmerizing show by the team. Also noting the fact that these talented artists have performed in UK, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE.


In thanksgiving to the Almighty for the long way this institution has come, making it to the 51th year since its establishment, the Holy Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Silvestre D'Souza Provincial Secretary of Carmelite Provincial House Sadhbhavana Bangalore. The sermon delivered by the Reverend brought to light the love of Mother Mary and our worldly mother. Father highlighted a mother's care by reference to animals nurturing their young ones, they sacrifice their own life to save their children at times as well. The day also focused upon the origin & historic background of the word "Carmel", being a hill located in Palestine, a refuge for the monks who stayed in solitude, and devoted flowers to the Blessed Mother Mary, so is our institution dedicated in Her honour. Fr. Silvestre D'Souza also emphasized on inculcating values, moral ethics, peace and harmony. He requested the teachers not only to impart knowledge to students, but to instil more important values. These insights truly were enlightening. The chief guests offered floral tribute to the founder Mr. Alexander Menezes and Mr. Jaganath Shetty, former president of Carmel Education Society. The dignitaries inaugurated the College Annual Magazine 2017- CHRYSALIS. Various games were conducted for the staff added to the excitement. High School Staff bagged the winner trophy. It certainly was a day to warmly cherish.

Sparkie Champs for the month of July 2018

Sl. No.  Name Grade Date
1 Gayathri N V D 2/7/18  to 8/7/2018
9/7/18  to 15/7/18   
16/7/18 to 22/7/18
2 Utsaah shetty .N III A 9/7/18  to 15/7/18   
3 Prathyushaa.R I C 16/7/18 to 22/7/18 

Inaugural of Sports:

Carmel High believes in holistic development of its students. A major step towards this was the introduction of sports with professional expertise. The academic year 2018-19 is being observed as the Sports Year at Carmel High. The Chief Guest was Mr.Rajath Kankar , national volleyball and net ball player, by whom the sports flag carrying the message of sportsmanship and harmony has unfurled . He spoke about the 3 P’s that is passion, persistence and perfection and motivated the students to make the optimum use of the opportunity given and to develop the never give up attitude in life. Administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes emphasized on the importance of commitment and delivered detailed information about the rules and regulations to be followed by the trainee students.
The day observed the inauguration of nine major sports – Volleyball , Cricket , Basket ball , Football , Throwball , Badminton , Swimming , Athletics and Table Tennis . Professional coaching will be provided to the aspiring students accompanied by our teaching faculty as "buddy teacher"

NCC Girl Comrades battalion at Carmel High :

Carmel in its 51st years since inception has achieved another milestone by launching NCC for girls. Chief guest Dr. Major. Shantha Maria made the audience aware of the importance and benefits of NCC. In her address, she highlighted that initiatives such as NCC will enable the girls to be fearless, brave and courageous. She also held an open discussion session with students and parents present at the event and actively solved all their queries and apprehensions about achieving optimum balance between academic excellence and NCC. She guided the audience on admission and selection process in NCC. Administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes said NCC is a way of life that transforms an individual‘s outlook towards life and its hardships. He urged the parents to be thoughtful and encouraged them to enroll and harness the skills of their children through NCC.

International Yoga Day:

Yoga day celebration was conducted on 21st June 2018. The students were trained by Mrs. Netharavathy. The students exhibited their mettle in yoga by a beautiful display of numerous asanas. The importance of Yoga was highlighted by Mrs. Nethravathy and Mrs. Bhargavi.

Student Achievement:

Yoga Competition:

The Yoga Instructor Mrs. Nethravathy, and students took part in Yoga conducted by Vigour Institute of Yogic Science and Studies. Mrs. Nethravathy secured first position. Roshni G of grade VIII secured second position and Namruth Raj G R of grade VII secured third position.

Achievement in Cricket

Abhishek R is adjudged as the BEST BOWLER in B T Ramaiah Shield U -14 Category Inter-School Tournament, II Division Organised by Karnataka State Cricket Association. He took 16 wickets in 5 matches.

Swimming Competition:

Sai Prithvi of Grade VI participated in Karnataka Engineers Academy Swim Meet 2018 and won first prize in free style, back stroke and breaststroke conducted on 28th May 2018

Investiture Ceremony and Environment Day:

The investiture ceremony was held on the 13th June 2018, and the school senate for the 51st year of Carmel High School were vested with their power and position. The Principal of New Cambridge High School Mr. Alistair Laporte was the chief guest along with other dignitaries Mrs. Dorothy Menenzes Director of Academics, Mr. Roshan Menezes Administrator, Mrs. Sandya Menezes Prinicipal of Carmel P U College and Dr. (Mrs) Florence D'Souza Principal. The Chief guest addressed the gathering and emphasized on the qualities that an ideal prefect ought to have. Mr. Alistair shared the acronym for Prefect, P - Perfect, R- Responsible, E - Exemplary, F- Fair, E- Empathetic, C - Caring and T - Tactful. Each person is a leader, and is responsible towards building a better tomorrow. caring about mother earth, and the natural resources. The Administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes shared his views and reiterated that shoulders are one of the most important part of the body, as they carry responsibility and support others when in need of a shoulder to lean on and get them back strong on one's feet. The School choir book "Carmel chimes" was inaugurated by the dignitaries. The Student Council advisor Mr. Venkatesh S stated that a leader is a symbol of patience, who would win over critics with actions rather than with words. The student senate were given badges and sashes by the chief guest. The Student Council members of 2018 -19 are :

High School
Divith Narendra Head Boy
Mrinal Raj Head Girl
Aditya Muralidhar Discipline Leader
Sakshi Bothra Discipline Leader
Tarun D K Sports Leader
Sanjana Yatish Sports Leader
Karan G Khandelwal Literary Leader
Shruthi R H Literary Leader
Deepesh M Jain Cultural Leader
Manavi M D Cultural Leader
Vaishnavi Dubey Band Major
Sanjana Naveen Band Minor
Middle School
Mithun R Head Boy 
Prerana M N Head Girl
Harshil Kundety Discipline Leader
Prapthi G M Discipline Leader
Roshni L Cultural Leader
Dhruva Surya S Cultural Leader
Unathi Siva Literary Leader
Suprathik Narendra Literary Leader
Anvitha T A Sports Leader
Adithya A Kulakarni Sports Leader

Environmental day was celebrated on 13th June 2018 and the chief guest for the occasion was Ms. Anupama from the State Pollution Control Board. The members of the Eco - club along with management and chief guest planted the sapling. This year's environmental day theme. “Beat plastic pollution' was beautifully depicted in the form of a mime act. The students of the school have decided to go green by not using plastic water bottles and lunch boxes in support of this initiative.

Toppers of Grade X 2017-18

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