Primary & Middle School
Primary & Middle School
Primary & Middle School


This section includes classes I-IV standards, catering to students in the age group of 6 to 9 years.

As students move through Junior School we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science. This is a time of multi-dimensional learning.

A wide range of classroom activities is used as stimuli for reading and writing. Children also start using the English and Math Lab from Class 1, which helps them to sharpen their analytical skills. As children are too young to take on the pressures of examination, we follow an informal system of Continuous Assessment where there is no formal examination system and the child’s performance in written class-work, assignment, internal assessment, work sheets, orals, participation in activities are observed throughout the academic year and grades are allotted in the assessment report card.

Worksheets are given every month and the evaluated worksheets are sent home so that the parents understand the child's level of learning.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation will form the basis for a holistic assessment of a learner inclusive of co-scholastic areas like Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and Achievement in activities involving literary and creative skills, scientific skills, aesthetic skills and performing arts as well as Health and Physical Education.
This informal system of continuous assessment keeps the children free from stress-related problems and enjoy coming to school.


In Class 5, students are taught to handle larger portions of subjects than what they tackled in Class 1 to 4. They are introduced to the study of Computer Science.

Students enter the 'Middle School', a critical phase in education. They are a bunch of vivacious, confused, boisterous and intelligent group of students belonging to Grades 5, 6 & 7. 

Middle School students are ready to tackle deeper and more discreet subjects with an array of specialist teachers, including the challenge of additional languages. General Science becomes more detailed as Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Social Science becomes more specialized as History-Civics and Geography. English, Hindi / Kannada, and Computer Science continue to be on the agenda.

Technology based learning begins at the Middle School. Apart from three unit tests and two exams, projects are given in all subjects to enhance creativity, team work and presentation skills. Internal assessments are done at regular intervals to evaluate the overall performance of the child.

These years are also a good time to learn the discipline and skills of preparing for tests and examinations. Students are gradually trained to appear for the Board Examinations in the senior classes.


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