About Carmel
Carmel School is a learning community of excellence, enabling students of different language abilities to become independent learners and effective communicators. The school prepares students with the knowledge, discipline, and skills to succeed at the university level and contribute to the multicultural world of the 21st century.
Principal’s Desk
I deem it a great privilege to be at the helm of affairs at Carmel High School, one of the finest institutions in the State. The name and fame, the school enjoys today is the result of the hard work put in by a team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers and abundantly talented and brilliant students.
Secretary's Desk
"What makes the youth a big power?"
We should be thankful that God has given us a chance to experience the phase of life that we call Youth. It is in our youth that we have many dreams to pursue and many hopes to count on. These dreams can take us to the stars and galaxies till, we realize them or die for in the process, if need be. It is in our youth that our minds are full of idealism that becomes our guide in life. So what makes the youth a big power? 

“Devotion to duty is not a sacrifice, it is a justification to your existence in this world.”
-Late Alexander Menezes


Passionate, affable with a warm smile, philanthropic, visionary; these are part of an impressive list of credentials that Carmel Founder Late Alexander Menezes has compiled in his years of contribution in the field of education. His dream was to provide students with a learning environment with opportunities to pursue both academic and personal excellence. The clarity of his vision coupled with strong conviction,ably supported by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy Menezes resulted in the conception of Carmel High School .The School’s motto “Faith & Toil” enunciated by the Founder is relevant today as it was 44 years ago. His organisational skills, administrative abilities, charismatic leadership, youthful enthusiasm and drive for excellence are remembered even today and a benchmark for many.

His dream continues with constant improvement in infrastructure and innovations in education, redefining the School mission, ethos and vision.

News and Events: 2018-2019

Skating Competition
Amith J and Amogh B Hubbali participated in Vibgyor Viva Skating Competition conducted by Vibgyorgroup of schools.

Yoga competition
Madhumitha K of VII std. participated in V S M World record Surya NamaskaraYagna on the occasion of VISHWA SAMSKRUTHIKA SAMBRAMA 2019.

TAFIT 2019
In the state level competition for Teachers Award for Innovative Teaching TAFIT 2019 organised by Times Foundation and Christ University

Carmel School Recognized as one of the top 5 schools
Carmel High School and P U College has been recognized as one of the Top 5 schools and P U Colleges in Karnataka by Global Triumph foundation.

Chief Minister’s Commendation Award
Mrs. Roopashree K of I Karnataka girls unit has been awarded and presented with the Chief Minister’s Commendation by Brigadier DM Poorvi Math vsm**, Deputy Director General of Karnataka and Goa directorate of NCC

Student Achievements in Cricket
Nakshathra K S of Grade VI took part in cricket tournament conducted on 27th January 2019 by Ryan Cricket Academy.


Upcoming Events
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